Seren is seeking Volunteer Counsellors to work in Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire Do you have a diploma in counselling? We give training, supervision, support and expenses. For further details and an application pack please write, telephone or email us.

More on being a volunteer counsellor:

Job description

The work involved is to undertake Counselling sessions on a one-to-one basis with adults who have been sexually abused as children. At present the commitment is once a fortnight for 2 one hour counselling sessions. One hour of Supervision follows counselling sessions, alternating between the peer group of counsellors and facilitated supervision with an experienced supervisor. You are expected to abide by the Aims and Objectives of Seren and will be answerable to the Executive Committee. You are expected to abide by the BACP ethical framework. Previous experience in counselling is essential. Seren provides induction training and continuing professional development related to this field. Any expenses in connection with this voluntary work will be paid by Seren –e.g. travel and childcare expenses. Volunteer counsellors who are on student placement must be in their 2nd year of a counselling diploma course, and have had some face-to-face counselling experience.

Counsellor’s Compact (pdf)

Confidentiality (pdf)

Seren Booklet (pdf)

Job Description – Volunteer Counsellors (pdf)

Volunteer Counsellor Application Form (pdf)

Supervision for New Counsellors and Students on Placement with Seren

All new counsellors or students attend a 2-day induction course with Seren. This is followed by attendance at a minimum of 3 peer supervision groups at least two of which the designated supervisor is present. It is the designated supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that the new counsellor or student is ready to start work with a client. There will be a further one-day induction training day when client work has commenced.

The designated supervisor is present at group supervision for the first 3 group supervision sessions when the new counsellor or student initially starts work with a client.

The designated supervisor will be available for phone contact between sessions.

It is the responsibility of the designated supervisor to ensure the new counsellor or student’s counselling environment is appropriate.

Initial assessments are undertaken by an experienced Seren counsellor. The supervision group decides whether the client requires an experienced counsellor or is suitable for a new counsellor or student and the assessment pack is marked appropriately. It is the supervisors responsibility to consider whether the supervision group can”hold” the client. • All counsellors and students are expected to attend supervision sessions whether or not they are seeing a client, unless on holiday or ill.