Seren offers training to external organisations entitled “Understanding the effects of childhood sexual abuse and working safely and sensitively with adults who have experienced childhood sexual abuse”.

Below is a typical training, but this can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

Example 2 day training programme:

Overall Aim:

To raise awareness and increase understanding of the main issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse in order to work more sensitively with survivors.


During the training we will have the opportunity to:

Look at how we define sexual abuse in childhood, its prevalence and the major issues for the child.

Understand significant factors affecting people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and how this relates to ongoing difficulties.

Examine the impact of childhood sexual abuse and discuss why survivors may be at greater risk of further abuse.

Learn how to support survivors with regard to safety and care.

Discuss the impact of these issues on ourselves and how we can best look after ourselves.

This will be an interactive, participative style of training, and handouts will be available to cover the subject matter. No prior knowledge of the subject is required.

The programme can be adapted to the needs of the participants: we offer training to counsellors & therapists, health and social care workers, students and support workers of many kinds.



Definitions of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Prevalence and who are the abusers

Secrecy and issues around Disclosure

Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Finkelhor’s Model for understanding the impact of sexual abuse in childhood

Seren model of working with adult survivors

Impact on ourselves


Understanding the effects of trauma and PTSD

Coping Mechanisms

Managing Symptoms

Stages of Recovery

Supporting Ourselves


This is the Programme Outline for two days of training and covers the core training provided by the Seren Counselling Service.

The training includes recent research findings and theories concerning the physiological and neurological impact of trauma and how these findings can inform practice.

An attendance certificate can be provided by Seren to those who complete the 2 days, if required; please let us know the number of participants in good time.