Welcome to the Seren web site.

Seren is a voluntary organisation which exists to offer free counselling to adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. We also provide training to those working with people who were abused as children so that they can do so more effectively.

Find out more about Seren, how we can help you if you were sexually abused as a child and how counselling can help you to deal with the effects.


Seren provides a confidential service. This means that no one will be informed that you are coming for counselling or about what is discussed, although counsellors will discuss their work within Supervision (see above; please ask your counsellor if you want to know more about this).

However, you should be aware that counsellors can be ordered by the courts to disclose information. Also, if your counsellor has serious concerns for your safety, or the safety of another person (especially a child), as a result of what is discussed, they may discuss with you whether other services should be informed. If someone is at risk of serious harm, Seren counsellors reserve the right to break confidentiality – but you will normally be informed if this is likely to happen.